Employee User-Defined Fields Maintenance

Use this screen to view, edit, add, and delete Payroll user-defined fields.

The fields in this screen will be modified based on the settings on the User-Defined tab on the Payroll Installation screen.

Spectrum provides a large number of data entry fields, and most users take full advantage of these. However, you may want to create additional fields in order to store specific information that is important to your organization.The user-defined fields in Spectrum allow you to add your own database fields to the software.

  • User-defined maintenance screens are located at the end of a module's Maintenance menu, and the fields created here can be used to store data and to filter data in many maintenance, inquiry, and report screens (including Info-Link reports).

  • If you want to utilize the user-defined fields for selection criteria (that is, as a filter), open a search window and then click Advanced to display an Advanced Search Options window. User-defined fields display at the bottom of the window.

  • When you initially create user-defined fields, you need to consider the settings shown below; these are found in the modules' Installation > User-Defined screens.

    • Allow setup of company-specific fields? Select this checkbox, to permit users to set up user-defined fields associated with the current company. If this checkbox is left clear, users are not permitted to set up company-specific user-defined fields.

    • Allow setup of non-company-specific fields (company ALL)? Select this checkbox to permit users to set up user-defined fields associated with all companies. If this checkbox is left clear, users are not permitted to set up user-defined fields for all companies.

    • Show non-company-specific fields in vendor maintenance (company ALL)? Select this checkbox to add or edit user-defined fields for all companies in this screen. If you do not select this checkbox, only user-defined fields associated with the current company can be added, edited, or viewed on the module's User-Defined Fields Maintenance screen.

Add or edit a user-defined field

Delete a user-defined field

Employee User-Defined Fields Maintenance - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Sequence numbers are assigned and maintained by the software.


The company code of the company that uses this user-defined field displays.


Alpha displays if this will be a text field.

Date displays if this field will contain numerical dates. Numeric displays if this field will contain dollar amounts or numbers.


Make changes to the user-defined field title or accept the current title.


Select this checkbox if the selected user-defined field has validation codes.

Note: This checkbox is only available for Alpha user-defined fields.


Edit the user-defined alignment mask (only applicable for Amount fields).

When a report is initially created, the software suggests the display code, which can be overwritten. If the field length is changed after creating the report, the corresponding display code must also be changed.

View appropriate display codes


Edit the status of the user-defined fields. Status options are Active or Not Used.

Validate Codes button

Click to open the User-Defined Fields Validation window.

Note: This button is only available for user-defined fields that have validation codes.

Move Up/Move Down buttons

Use these buttons to move user-defined fields up or down one line position.