Non-Union Pay Group Maintenance

This screen allows you to set up special rates by employee by job without having to use all union setup screens.

In order to set up special rates here, the pay groups must first be assigned to the job. The non-union pay group works like a wage code in function, for use by non-union operations.

Non-union pay groups allow setup in the Job Maintenance and the Employees screens. This replaces the union/wage code in Pre-Time Card Entry and Time Card Entry when the Payroll Installation is set to use non-union pay groups. In addition to this screen, the non-union pay group is found in the following locations:

  • the Non-union pay group flag in Payroll Installation

  • the pay group code in Job Maintenance

  • the Pre-Time Card Entry, Pre-Time Card Entry by Job, Time Card Entry, Time Card Entry by Job, Pre-Time Card Import from Text File, and Layoff Check Entry screens use non-union pay groups for rates

  • the default burden in Employees

  • the Certified Payroll Report