Non-Union Pay Group Maintenance - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.

Fields / Buttons



A list of pay group codes displays.

This alpha-numeric code left-justifies when entered. Users preferring a strictly numeric coding scheme should be advised to use leading zeros when adding codes in order to produce desired sort results on screens and reports. Without leading zeros, 1, 10, and 100 will appear before 2, 20, and 200. Instead, codes should be set up 001, 002, and so forth.


The pay group descriptions display.


  • This burden percentage is used instead of the job percentage when the job is set up to NOT use the actual payroll (in the Job File Maintenance > Properties > Burden window)

  • The burden amount refers to the employer's additional payroll costs (FICA, FUTA, SUTA, worker's compensation costs and other burden components).

  • For more information on pay groups burden hierarchy, Pay Groups Burden Hierarchy.

Minimum pay

The minimum pay percentage assigned to the pay groups displays.

Phase override

Displays Yes if any override phases are present on the Phase Overrides tab of the Edit window.

Employee override

Displays Yes if any override employees are present on the Employee Overrides tab of the Edit window.

Prevailing wage

Displays Yes if any add-on code is specified on the Prevailing Wage tab of the Edit window (includes Health/welfare, Pension and/or Cash fringe).

Edit/New/Delete/ View buttons

Use these to keep your Spectrum data current. Primary actions will display as a larger, green button on the toolbar, while secondary actions will display as smaller, gray buttons.

Listing button

Click this button to display the Non-Union Pay Group Listing screen.