Non-Union Pay Group Employee Overrides - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Pay group


The employee code and name displays.


The employee's title, normal rate, and level displays.This is used on the certified report for the employee. The employee's normal pay rate and level display below the title. Changes are allowed.



Double time

The employee's regular, overtime, and double time compensation amounts display.


The burden percentage for this employee displays. Changes are allowed.


You can only enter a fringe override here when there is a prevailing wage add-on code entered in the Pension or Cash fringe benefit fields of the Prevailing Wage window.The fringe amount can be overwritten manually (if the fringe is blank then the fringe for this override rate will be zero <$0>). In addition, fringe rules and the certified status can be disabled by phase, employee, or employee phase. For more information on the fringe rate hierarchy and Prevailing Wage processing, refer to the Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon Processing topic.

Bill code

Enter the time and material billing code for this employee. This is only used if the Time + Material module is installed and a Time + Material job is used.

Disable DB/PW?

If Davis-Bacon and prevailing wages are not applicable, select this checkbox to post the time card line as a private job and to ensure the employee will be paid based on the base pay of the pay group (no fringe, prevailing wage, prevailing wage adjustment or pension would apply). Any company 401(k) employee and employer amounts will be calculated, as they would be for a private job.

Disable cert?

Select this checkbox to designate the time card lines for this employee as non-certified. This checkbox can be selected even if the job and phase indicate the line is certified.

New/Edit/Delete buttons

Use these to keep your Spectrum data current. Primary actions will display as a larger, green button on the toolbar, while secondary actions will display as smaller, gray buttons.

Phase button

Click this button to display the employee Phase Overrides screen.