Adding Pay Groups to an Employee

Once the pay group codes have been setup in the Non-Union Pay Groups Maintenance screen, the employee needs to be classified based on the Non Union Pay Group Setup.

  1. On the Site Map screen, click Payroll > Maintenance > Employee. Enter the Employee code for whom you wish to add a pay group code.
  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. Select the pay level corresponding to the employee whose rate you wish to adjust. (For example, enter pay level 1 for Journeymen, 2 for Apprentices.)
  4. In the Rate adjust field enter the percentage amount that the employee is supposed to be paid (because Apprentices are generally paid as a percentage of Journeyman rates). Double-click on this field to open the Pay Rate Adjustment window to help you calculate the employee’s pay rate percentage.
    Note: The Rate adjust field interprets 0% or blank as 100% so it is not necessary to enter 100% for Journeymen.