Overriding Employee and Phase Codes

Occasionally there will be times when you need to pay an employee a different rate for a particular job phase.

For example, you may pay someone a supervisor rate on one job, and their regular rate on all others. Rather than making the changes in Employees, you can use pay groups to handle this situation.
  1. On the Site Map screen, click Payroll > Maintenance > Non-Union > Pay Group.
  2. Select the pay group code and then click the Employees button. The Pay Group Employees window displays.
  3. If the employee does not already exist in the window, add the employee here.
  4. In the Regular, Overtime, and Double fields, enter the employee's new pay amounts for this phase. You can also change the Burden amount at this time.
  5. In the Phase field, press F4 or double-click on this field to open the Phase Overrides window. Add the appropriate phase code.

    Click OK to save your changes.

    Note: Assuming the Payroll Installation screen has the Higher of the two rates option selected, the software compares the wage from the Non-Union Pay Group Maintenance screen to the wage rate set in the Employees screen. Then the software pays the higher of the two amounts.