Setting Up Pay Groups

As with wage codes, the employee’s rate will be based on the combination of the Pay Group Code and the Level found in his employee file.

Note: It is recommended that you set up the Pay Group Code to match the Job number.
  1. On the Site Map screen, click System Administration > Installation > Payroll > Defaults tab, select the Pay groups option in Default rate table. Click OK to save changes.
  2. On the Payroll > Maintenance > Non-Union Pay Group Maintenance screen, enter the pay group information. To provide the most flexibility in using pay groups, it is recommended that you use only the first two levels on the table. For example, Level 1 could be for Journeymen and Level 2 could be for all Apprentices.
  3. Click the Properties button to open the window. The Pay group code defaults.
  4. In the Burden field, enter the burden percentage you want to set, and in the Minimum pay field, enter the percentage the employee must be paid. Click OK to save your entries.
  5. Click the Phase Override button to open the Phase Rate Overrides window. Enter any phase-specific override rates. When the Phase rate overrides ALL other rates checkbox is selected, all the rates recorded in this window are given the highest priority. Click OK to save your overrides.
  6. Click the Employees button to open the Pay Group Employees window. Any employee-specific wage rates entered here will override the pay group rates, unless the phase overrides checkbox is selected in the Phase Rate Override window. Click OK to save the pay group wage overrides.
  7. Click the Prevailing Wage button to open the Prevailing Wage window. Enter any benefit deductions and add-ons that will be applied to the employee checks for time cards assigned to a specific pay group. Click OK to save your entries.

    Some certified projects dictate that the Apprentice must be paid a minimum of the Journeyman wage, perhaps 60%. You would enter this amount here. Additionally, the same job might have an employee who is paid only 40%. Spectrum will pay the employee the higher of the two amounts: the amount entered here for the pay group or the amount in the Rate Adjustment screen of the employee's file. Therefore, in this example, the employee would be paid 60% of the Journeyman's rate.