Prevailing Wage

Use this tab to record the Health & welfare, Pension, and Prevailing Wage Adjustment benefit add-ons that will be applied to the employee checks for time cards assigned to a specific pay group. You can then track multiple fringe benefit rates (up to nine different rates) for certain jobs, including Davis-Bacon and prevailing wage jobs. You can even set up prevailing wage adjustment benefit add-ons to be paid directly to the employee or you can set up non-cash add-ons to be paid to a third party, such as a retirement trust.

Note: Remember that any pay group add-ons set up here are not taken on private jobs.

If the Pension or Prevailing Wage Adjustment benefit has a user-defined formula, the Variables button is available so that you can access the values for that formula. If either the Pension or Cash fringe benefit has a prevailing wage adjustment method, then the Health & welfare code (employer benefits) must also be set up.