Tax Table Maintenance

The tax tables for all taxing authorities: Federal, state, county, local are maintained through Tax Table Maintenance.

The Payroll tax tables allow an unlimited number of income tax filing statuses to be created in order to accommodate those who need the ability to set up more than four filing statuses for income tax withholding tables. In addition, the Payroll Manager can choose the name for these codes in order to match them with the filing statuses defined by the particular jurisdiction.

  • There needs to be at least one filing status in order to assign a tax code to an employee; however, for jurisdictions (such as Washington state) that do not have an income tax, it is still necessary to create a filing status that is set to Calculation type = None.

  • If you want to delete a tax table, highlight it and click the Delete button. You cannot delete a filing status if it is currently assigned to any active employee in any company on the system. You can delete an obsolete filing status in cases where it is only assigned to non-active employees. This condition may reasonably occur when a jurisdiction reorganizes filing statuses and the company potentially has a group of old (terminated) employees that were assigned the filing status now being removed. This deletion feature does not require the user to find and edit every employee in every company with this filing status. In the event a filing status is removed and one of these non-active employees is later re-activated without switching to a valid filing status, the Check Calculation will use the Federal filing status in place of the (deleted) status assigned to the particular jurisdiction. If, however, the Federal filing status is not set up for this jurisdiction, then no income tax withholding will be computed.

    Important: Whenever entering tax tables, always use the annual tax tables.