New/Edit Income Tax Details - Properties tab - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.



Income tax calculation

  • Select None if no final tax amount is to be assessed. In this case, only unemployment and/or disability rates and limits will be entered.

  • Select Graduated tax table if the tax rate type is a progressive withholding table. A grid area will display to allow you to enter withholding amounts and wage brackets.

  • Select Percentage if the tax rate type is a flat Percentage of the base. Two additional fields display to allow you to specify the tax percentage and the annual maximum tax amount.

Tax base

Select a tax basis. The tax base is the amount that will be subject to the tax table calculations.

Round withholding to nearest dollar?

Check this box if you want the withholding amount to be rounded to the nearest whole dollar during Check Calculation.

Grid Fields (These only display when 'Graduated tax table' is selected.)

To taxable wage

Enter the upper end of the range of earnings that appears in the tax rate table being used for entry. When the last line of the table containing the upper end of the range of earnings is reached, enter the final number as 99,999,999.99. If this limit field is left blank instead of being set to 99,999,999.99, the Check Calculation will apply the last percentage rate for all earnings (unlimited). The system will recognize this number as the final number in the table.

Fixed amount +

Enter the base tax for the range of earnings in this row as it appears in the tax rate table being used.


Enter the percentage that is used to calculate the additional tax, as shown in the tax rate table, based on the lower end of the range of earnings.