Time Off Code Maintenance

Use this screen to set up time off codes for tracking vacation, holiday, and sick leave hours for each employee.

The software increases the current bank balance by the accrual rate amount.

Example Using Accrual Method of Pay Cycle

Divide the total hours accrued by the number of pay periods per year to determine the rate at which benefits accrue. For employees paid weekly who accrue two weeks (80 hours) of vacation per year, 80 hours /52 weeks = 1.538 hrs/wk of accrued vacation time; the first paycheck of the year will show 1.538 hours in the vacation balance, the second will show 3.076, the third check will increase the balance to 4.614 hours, and so on.

  • Vacation, Holiday and Sick hours are accrued, at most, once per cycle (even if multiple checks are issued to the employee).

  • If a replacement manual check is issued, it has no net effect on the employee hourly banks.

  • After completing a pay cycle, you can review the accrual amounts on the payroll check if you have selected the Print accrued checkboxes in the Payroll Installation - Printing tab, or you can review the accruals on Labor Distribution Report.