Union File Maintenance

Use this screen to set up and manage union codes.

A union code can be assigned to each employee in Employees. This union code will default for the employee during Pre-Time Card Entry and Time Card Entry.

  • Date-sensitive union pay rates, deductions, and fringe benefits can be specified using this screen; these date-sensitive pay rates will default in all of the Time Card Entry screens and the date-sensitive deductions and fringe benefits will be applied during Check Calculation. These tools allow you to pre-schedule union contract changes, which will be updated automatically based on the current Payroll processing date. Each time the processing date is adjusted, the rates will be automatically updated accordingly.

  • Please see the section on Union & Wage Codes in the Payroll In-Depth section before entering wage and union codes.

How to Use This Screen

Use the New button to add new union code, click the Edit button to make changes to existing union codes. As entries are completed in the associated windows, the data will display in the columns on the Union File Maintenance starting screen. Security has been included so that if you attempt to delete a union code that has already been posted to Time Card History you will receive an error message. In addition, if you delete an unused union code, any revision records that were associated with the code will also be deleted.

  • If this company performs work on prevailing wage jobs, then refer to the section on Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon Processing in the Payroll In-Depth section for more information. You may also refer to Deduction / Add-on Code Maintenance and Employees - Rates for further details. The software prevents the deletion of a deduction code if that code is still referenced in Union File Maintenance.
    Note: If you set up a formula that uses the net amount or the subject-to Federal, State, County or Local tax in the Formula File Maintenance screen, an error message will display reminding you that the software bases union fringe calculations on the gross amount.
  • The descriptions of the union, craft, and work class are printed on the union report and on the certified payroll report.