New/Edit Union - Properties tab

The Properties tab is used to create or edit union codes, including deductions based on union hours.

An unlimited number of deductions can be assigned.

The union code is generally based on the state, craft, and local number. An example would be union code = WAC01, which would represent WA for Washington State, C for the carpentry craft, and 01 for the local number. The union code is a six-digit code, which can be set up in many other combinations as well.

The first three characters of the union code form the general portion of the code. If a summary of several locals is desired, the first three characters of each union code should be the same in order to most effectively use the Union Report because this report groups unions together based on the first three characters.

Note: A Note About Using Numeric Coding: Because many users prefer alphabetic or combination alpha and numeric coding, this code is not a numeric-only field. Because of this, the code left-justifies when entered. Users preferring a strictly numeric coding scheme should be advised to use leading zeros when adding codes in order to produce desired sort results on screens and reports. Without leading zeros, 1, 10, and 100 will appear before 2, 20, and 200. Instead, codes should be set up 001, 002, and so forth.