New/Edit Union - Rates tab - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields on this screen.




Enter a description for each of the nine wage levels (for example, Apprentice, Journeyman, Drill Helper, Flagger, Shovel, and so forth).

The text entered in this field displays on the certified Payroll reports if the Show employee title on certified reports checkbox is selected on the Payroll Installation > Printing tab and if the job specified on the corresponding time card line(s) is certified.


Enter the total regular hourly rate for all nine wage levels, or window to enter regular hourly rates and have the system calculate all other rates. This window is used in conjunction with gross pay checkbox having been selected in the Union File Maintenance screen; double-click on this field to increase the base by amounts to be included.

Base Rates window

This window is used to either look up or enter base hourly rate amounts for use during payroll calculation. The base figure is used when calculating percent of base add-ons and deductions. The total rate is used for payroll tax purposes. Entry of regular hourly rates for all nine levels may be done in this window. Spectrum calculates overtime and double time rates based on the regular hourly rates entered here. The calculated amounts can be accepted or overwritten, as desired. Entry of wage rates for all levels in this window will cause rates to default to the corresponding fields for levels two through nine on the screen. This window is available for the regular, overtime, and double overtime columns only on line one; the window is only available in level one.


Enter the base rate per hour for all levels.


If, on the main screen of Union File Maintenance, the gross pay checkbox is selected, fringe benefit per hour is calculated by the system and displayed. If none of the deduction codes are to be included in gross pay, this fringe field remains blank.

If the workday variable is used, the number of workdays will be treated as zero when calculating the fringe rate for deductions flagged to 'Include in gross pay.'

Total rate

The total rate per hour (base plus fringe) is calculated by the system and displayed. This total rate will also display on the screen.


The hourly overtime rate displays. Press Enter to accept the default, or enter the desired change.

Double time

The hourly double time rate displays. Press Enter to accept the default, or enter the desired change.

Bill code

Enter the time and material labor billing code for each of the wage levels, or double-click on this field to select from a list of available time and material labor billing codes. This field is only applicable if the Time + Materials module is installed.

Rate history

New button Edit button

Click these buttons to add new rates or schedule rate revisions.