Using Benefit Tiers with Union and Wage Codes

This topic explains how to set up and use benefit tiers in Spectrum. A benefit tier can be used to override the standard fringe and benefit rates found in a union or non-union shop. Benefit tiers can be thought of the various 'Journey' levels with each step having a different set of rates.

Union fringes and Union add-ons are two equivalent methods for entering union benefits.

The best practice is to use add-ons not paid to the employee on the paycheck instead of setting these up as fringes. Using add-ons provides the following benefits:

  • There are more calculation methods available for add-ons.

  • Supports employee specific rates when stored as an 'Inactive' recurring add-on.

  • Using add-ons supports historical reports as fringes are not code driven. Add-ons also standardize the descriptions of the benefits.