Creating Fringes with Add-ons Not Paid to the Employee

Set fringe benefits up using an add-on code. As the G/L account code is a required field, it will still be entered on the Properties tab, though it will not be used in processing.



Clear the Paid to employee on the paycheck checkbox on the Add-ons tab.

By selecting the Post as union fringe to G/L by department checkbox, the system will automatically use the ‘Union fringe’ expense G/L code from the labor line’s department.

In the example above, the debit will come from the 'Union fringe' expense G/L code, and the credit comes from the 'non-cash G/L account' code.

The user will receive an error during Check Calculation when the fringe add-on code is not set to 'Post as union fringe to G/L by department'.