Recording Inventory Before the Invoice Arrives

In the Purchase Order module, two receiving options (one-step and two-step) are available.

Use the one-step option if the person who receives inventory/packing list also enters the invoice into Spectrum at the time of delivery. Use the two-step option if the invoice arrives separately from the inventory/packing list.

Complete the following procedure if you use the two-step with packing list method. Follow the steps in Part B when the inventory arrives. When the invoice arrives at a later date, complete the steps in Part C. This procedure only affects items that are going into your inventory.

Important: The packing list update option updates the Inventory Control and General Ledger module for quantities received. Items received on a job purchase order will not have a General Ledger impact until the invoice is received. Certain Job Cost reports have the option to include purchase order quantity receivings, which provides you with an estimated cost.

PART A – Implementing this Feature

  1. Go to Site Map > System Administration > Installation > Purchase > Order > Properties.

  2. In the Default receiving method field, select the Two-step (packing list + invoice) option and then click Save until you return to the Site Map.

PART B – Processing the Inventory

  1. Go to Purchase Order > Data Entry > Purchase Order Entry.

  2. Complete all of the fields on the Purchase Order Entry page. Record the quantities of inventory items that have been received. When all items are recorded, click Save.

  3. On the Info Bar select Packing List Entry.

  4. Complete the Packing List Quantity Entry screen and then click Save.

  5. In the Print Options window, select the Next P.O. option and then click OK. Tip: The packing list may be printed, if desired.

  6. On the Packing List Quantity Entry page, click the Update button.
    Note: If the Listing button displays instead of the Update button, the Receiving method was set to Two-step on the Purchase Order Installation > Properties tab. To correct this, return to the Purchase Order Installation > Properties tab and select the Two-step with pack list update option.
  7. Preview the Packing List Quantity Edit Listing.

  8. In the Packing List Update page, click the Update button to update the Inventory Control module.

  9. Run the Inventory G/L Summary Report to update the General Ledger module.

  10. On the Inventory G/L Summary Update page, click the Update button.

PART C – Processing the Invoice

  1. When you receive the invoice, go to Purchase Order Invoice > Data Entry > Vendor Invoices.

  2. Enter the Vendor, Invoice # and Purchase order number.

  3. Select the packing lists to be included on this invoice by selecting the Select checkbox.

  4. Complete the remaining fields until the details portion of the Purchase Order Receiving Detail window displays.

  5. Verify that purchase order amount information is correct and click OK.

  6. Click the Save button to open the Save Unapproved Invoice window.

  7. Select whether to close the P.O. now or assign the invoice to the next reviewer, and click Continue.