Receiving a Lump Sum Purchase Order

This procedure assumes that you use the Two-Step method of receiving.

  1. On the Site Map, click Purchase Order > Data Entry > Packing List Quantity Entry.
  2. In the P.O. number field, enter the purchase order number.
  3. Press Enter to accept the next sequence number.
  4. Enter the Receipt date, Pack list #, and any Remarks for this receiving.
  5. If applicable, select the Receive in full checkbox.
  6. Click the Components button. This window provides a place to document the items received.
  7. Click OK three times to save your changes, proceed through the Print Options window, and continue.
    Note: Spectrum will not pro-rate the billing amount based on cost amount if multiple receivings are done against a lump sum PO. The full billing amount of the lump sum PO line will calculate and be charged to the work order when the material line is selected in Work Order Entry. You can modify the billing amount as needed to invoice the correct total.