Purchase Order Form - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for assistance when completing the fields on this screen.



Print status

Select the print status you want for this report.
  • First print only
  • Reprint only
  • All

If this screen is accessed in context to a purchase order, the print status will default to 'All'.


Enter the P.O. number, job code, vendor code, and batch code of the purchase orders you want to print, or press Enter to accept Spectrum default of ALL.


Select the purchase order statuses you want to include on the report.

Print format

Select the print format you want to use; basically you can choose to include certain purchase order revision information or no revision information.

Options include:

  • No revisions (prints the latest version of the purchase order including changes, but not revisions)
  • Revisions only (prints the original purchase order followed by the revisions sorted by revision number)
  • Revisions by line (prints the original purchase order sorted by line item followed by each item’s revisions)
  • Revision summary (prints the current purchase order followed by each revision listed separately)