Vendor Special Cost Maintenance - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for assistance when completing the fields on this screen.




Select whether to display special pricing by Category or Item.


If the Category type was selected, enter the category to which special cost items belong. The category code entered here must have been previously set up in Category File Maintenance.


The category description displays in this field.

Item code

If the Item type is selected, enter the item code for special cost items.

Item description

The item description displays in this field.

Discount type

If the Item type is selected, select whether the discount type is by Cost amount or Discount %. If the Category type is selected, the Discount % will automatically display in this field.

Cost amount

If the Discount type is Cost amount, enter the cost amount in this field.

Discount %

If the Discount type is Discount %, enter the discount percent in this field.


Enter a message explaining the special cost. If text is entered here, it will appear in Purchase Order Entry as a line with special cost is added, and during Purchase Order Receiving if a new line is added to the purchase order.