Purchase Order Form

This screen is used to print purchase orders–either some or all of the purchase orders that have not yet been printed, or specific purchase orders to be reprinted.

  • If you print a single release (for example, release #2), then in the heading of the form the Remarks, Ship via, FOB, and Instructions show the release-specific data and the detail portion of the form only lists items pertaining to that release.
  • If you select to print ALL purchase orders, then the heading of the form prints information from the main P.O. header (instead of the release header) and the detail portion of the form shows all items across releases.
  • The Purchase Order Print reports are formatted to optionally include the client company bitmap in the heading portion of each purchase order. To print the company logo, the applicable bitmap must be placed on the PC where the purchase orders are printed, and named C:\FFWINN\COMPANY.BMP. It is recommended that a company bitmap be created if Crystal-Link forms are used.
  • The standard starting page for purchase orders accommodates contractors using custom forms. When this page is linked to a custom form, a new icon displays in the lower left corner of the page to indicate the presence of the custom form.
  • The Purchase Order Form shows the 'purchase from' address when a location code is specified on the P.O. Specifically, the Vendor name, address and phone (from Vendor Main Properties),are replaced with the location-specific information.
  • The 'Ship-to address' may have originally been set from the vendor, or it may be from job-specific information in Job Setup.
    Note: For direct job purchase order detail lines, the Distribution column on the report displays the Phase and Cost type. For direct work order cost lines, the Distribution column displays the work order number. For all other purchase order detail lines, the Distribution column displays the G/L account code.