Subcontract Kiosk

The Subcontract Kiosk (SK) module provides authorized subcontractors the ability to enter their own progress billings and submit them electronically into Spectrum's Invoice Approval without requiring use of a Spectrum license!

This kiosk also gives authorized users convenient summary information about their open subcontracts.The Subcontract Kiosk is comprised of a dashboard app with convenient drill-down to a reporting screen and an entry screen:

  • The My Subcontracts app gives vendors access to summary information about their subcontracts, and when a record is clicked the My Subcontract Manager screen displays.

  • The My Subcontract Manager screen provides more information about the selected subcontract, and includes links to two reports and an entry screen: a subcontract activity report, a detailed quantity report, and the My Subcontract Billing Entry screen.

  • The My Subcontract Billing Entry screen is where the subcontractor can enter the current period quantity and amount completed, before clicking a Submit button that generates an unapproved A/P subcontract invoice and routes it directly to the first reviewer.


The Subcontract Kiosk (SK) module must be enabled on your Company Installation screen. Navigate to System Administration > Installation > Company Installation. On the Modules tab, select the Subcontract Kiosk checkbox.

Determine how employees will connect

The user must be able to access the Spectrum server in order to use the Subcontract Kiosk. There are many ways to accomplish this such as creating a virtual private network (VPN) or hosting your Spectrum system on a public URL. Please see your technical expert for the best option for your organization.

Create a vendor Spectrum logon

Every vendor who accesses the Subcontract Kiosk must have a Spectrum Logon. To facilitate setting these up for the first time, use the Manage Vendor Logons feature. This screen allows your Subcontract Administrator to quickly create Spectrum logons without accessing the standard Operator Security screen. They also can reset passwords and change the status of the logon from this one place as well.

Please see the Security Manual for instructions on using the Manage Vendor Logons feature.