Time + Material

Use the Time + Material module to calculate and prepare billings for Time + Material jobs. Access Time + Material options from the Site Map and the Jobs Info Bar. The module is integrated with Payroll, Job Cost, Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, Document Imaging, and Equipment Control, as well as the General Ledger and Accounts Receivable, to accumulate all billing amounts automatically.

To set up and use Time + Material, follow these steps:

Refer to the following sections for details.

T+M Installation

Use the System Administration > Installation > Time + Material menu to set defaults for Time + Material jobs and create any standard markups, add-ons, or fees that your organization uses. See Installation Overview for additional information.

T+M Maintenance

Optionally, use the Time + Material > Maintenance menu to define billing rates for specific jobs, and, if applicable, create special rates, markups, or add-ons that you can add to jobs as needed. If you do not set up special rates, the system uses standard employee rates. If you do not set up job-specific markups or add-ons, the system uses the default settings from the Time + Material Installation screen. See Maintenance Overview for additional information.

T+M Data Entry

Use the Time + Material > Data Entry menu to view and edit T+M job transactions, select transactions for billing, generate bills, and transfer T+M data to Accounts Receivable. Note that the system processes Time + Material data automatically, with no changes to the workflow for your Payroll or Accounts Payable clerks. The following steps provide the standard data entry workflow. For a list of all options available from the Data Entry menu, see Data Entry Overview.

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