Getting Started

Spectrum is a a web-based application, which means it takes advantage of cloud computing and eliminates the need for a client installation. In addition, the interface provides the construction industry's easiest to use, and most accessible business management software.

Interface Highlights

  • The About Dashboards feature allows you to create a custom landing page using a variety of apps that can help you to manage your jobs or alert you to potential issues, or just keep abreast of breaking news.
  • Multiple tabs can be open simultaneously, to allow for easy navigation among the screens that you use most.
  • Info Bars provide a convenient means of viewing job, customer, vendor, or employee information without backing out to a menu and re-entering selections. You even get to determine the data that displays in the side panes when a record is in context.
  • Grids provide a flexible way to organize and view data.


After you've learned your way around the interface, it's time to begin mastering the basics of your Spectrum software. To help get you started, we've created a series of Spectrum Video Tutorials to guide you through some of the most common processes.