Customize Dashboard Setup

Learn how to set up a customized Dashboard.

The apps that your operator has access to are determined by your operator profile (which is usually set up by your System Administrator).
  1. Log in to Spectrum. The Dashboard tab displays.
  2. Click the Settings button to open the Dashboard Builder screen.This screen allows you to drag and drop apps and define the dashboard layout.
  3. Use the Search field and Go button to conduct a manual search on app titles.
  4. Use the Category filter to show only apps matching a selected category. By default, all categories are included.
  5. Use the Type filter to show only apps matching that type: types are the 'widgets' such as RSS feeds, Menu lists, Charts, and Favorites.
  6. Select the number of Matches to show per screen. The default is 6 for smallest screen resolution, but it can go up to 12. This setting is remembered the next time you log on.
  7. Drag an app from the left pane to any location on the 'canvas'. Apps can be rearranged on the canvas by simply dragging and dropping them to different locations.
  8. Delete an app from the dashboard by dragging it to the trash can.