Setting Up 'My' Apps

Many apps may be customized to display user-specific information. Any dashboard app with 'My' in the title displays information unique to the operator who is logged in.

To enable My apps, perform the following steps:

Part I - Contact Setup

  1. On the Site Map, click System Administration > Contacts.
  2. Click New and in the Contact name field, add a new contact for your operator.
  3. On the Jobs tab, add some jobs to the contact.
  4. Click OK to save.

    Part II - Operator Maintenance

  5. On the Site Map, click System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance.
  6. In the Contact field, add the newly-created contact to your operator.

    Part III - Dashboard Setup

  7. On the Dashboard, click the Settings button and then add the My Jobs app to your dashboard. The jobs for which your operator is an associated contact will display.