Browser Requirements

Spectrum is designed to be run in an internet browser window and supports many browser types.

The latest versions of these browsers are supported by Spectrum:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

There are a number of browser settings that impact how Spectrum will function.

  • Set the Default Browser

    Some Spectrum functionality requires that the browser used to access Spectrum be set as the default browser on your workstation.

  • Set the Default PDF Viewer

    Spectrum requires the use of Adobe Acrobat to preview reports in a Spectrum tab. It is critical to use the Adobe PDF plug-in to ensure that hyperlinks in reports function, and that print alignment for items such as checks is correct. However, in Chrome use of the Adobe PDF plug-in is no longer supported, so use the built-in viewer instead.

  • Using Document Imaging Hyperlinks in Reports

    To use Document Imaging hyperlinks in reports, users can preview the report, and then click the Download button to save the report on their workstation where it can be opened in the Adobe Acrobat program. By default, clicking on the downloaded file button in Chrome will open the file in the browser. After clicking Download in the report preview screen to save the PDF, click on the right edge of the download icon at the bottom of the Chrome window to open the available options and select 'Always open with system viewer'.

  • Set Print Options

    To print a previewed report, click the Print button. Make sure the Scale is set to 'Default' or 'Actual Size'. This setting will be remembered in future sessions.

  • Enable Pop-Ups

    Some Spectrum functionality requires the use of browser pop-ups, most notably saving external files such as NACHA auto-deposit files to send to your bank, or electronic W2 and 1099 forms for year-end tax reporting.

  • Configure Downloads

    Download settings will affect the browser's behavior when saving files such as NACHA auto-deposit files for your bank or electronic W-2 and 1099 files for year-end reporting.

  • Clear the Cache

    Web browsers will cache certain content, including javascript, to speed up the loading of web pages. After installing a Spectrum service pack it is critical to clear the browser cache on all workstations accessing Spectrum in order to remove javascript needing to be replaced by newer programming.