Advanced Contact Search Options

Use this window to specify the contacts you want to search for.

You can define Attributes for the organization or contact. The search criteria that you specify in this window displays in the Contacts Administration screen, where you can save this search as a template in the Selection Display panel.

Note: If the "Show contacts for current company only?" checkbox is selected in Company Installation, this search results will only display those contacts affiliated with the current company.




First name

Narrow your search by entering key terms in these partial search fields.

Last name

Primary telephone

Contact title

Contact e-mail

Job code

Organization name

Organization city

Organization state/prov.

Organization types

  • Vendor contacts?
  • Customer contacts?
  • Other organization contacts?
  • Internal (employees)?
  • None?
  • Select at least one of these checkboxes to include an organization type in your search.
  • If you select at least one Organization type checkbox, but your organizations are not within the search criteria, then the contact will not display in the search results.
  • None indicates that the contact is not affiliated with any organization.

Organization status

  • Active?
  • Inactive?
  • Not used?

The Active status is selected by default unless you have a saved template that specifies otherwise. Contacts that do not have organization or employee contacts still display under the Active status.

  • Search by organization attribute?
  • Search by contact attribute?

Select to display contacts with organization/contact attributes in your search results. The list boxes below become enabled.

If you selected the Internal (employees) or None checkboxes In the Organization types section:

Internal (employee) is selected: Contacts associated with an organization that has selected organization attributes will display in the list box.

None is selected: Contacts that are not associated with organizations will not display in the list box.

Find contacts with

All selected attributes

Any selected attributes

These list boxes are disabled until you select the checkboxes above. Use Ctrl + click or Shift + click to select multiple attributes, then click Select.

When you select All selected attributes, Spectrum analyzes the vendors, customers, and other organizations associated with the contact to determine if every attribute that you selected is present.

When you select Any selected attribute, Spectrum analyzes the vendors, customers, and other organizations associated with the contact to determine if at least one attribute that you selected is present.