Contacts Administration - Field Descriptions

Use the table below for reference when completing the fields in this screen.




Click this green action button to create a new contact.

Search Bar

Enter the item you want to search for. Click the drop-down arrow to open the Advanced Contact Search Options window. Click Go to display data in the List box.

Status button

Click to change the status you want to display in the list box.

Selection Display Panel

The panel to the left allows you to see what is currently selected in the Advanced Contact Search Options window. You can save settings as a template for later searches.

  • Template description: Click to select a search template. The search results automatically display. To create a new template, enter your search terms in the Search bar above, then click Save. You can provide this search template to all users.
  • Tool icon: Click to edit the template name or delete the template. You can select to provide this template to all users.
  • Modify: Click to open the Advanced Contact Search Options window and change the current template.
  • Save: Click to create a new template for the current selection. You can select to provide this template to all users.
  • Display box: The box beneath the Modify and Save buttons reflects the selections on the Advanced Contact Search Options window. The specific attributes you select will display in this screen.

Edit button

Select the contact record that you want to edit. The New/Edit Contact screen displays.

Inactivate button

You can set multiple contacts to an inactive status. The list box redisplays after you click this button. If you leave the Status button at the Active default, the inactive contacts will not display.

You cannot inactivate an employee contact in this screen, but the status can be changed in the Payroll module.

Delete button

The administrator can select multiple contacts to delete from Spectrum. A confirmation box displays. Click Continue to confirm the contact's deletion from vendor, customer, and job contact lists. The list box redisplays.

You cannot delete an Employee contact in this screen, but an Employee contact can be deleted in the Payroll module.

E-mail button

Select at least one contact to send an email message to.

Logon? column

The Logon? column indicates whether the contact has a Spectrum logon (and if present, whether it is Active or Inactive). Spectrum logons are required for non-Spectrum users to access the Subcontract Kiosk.