Other Organizations File Maintenance

Use this page to maintain a list of non-vendor / non-customer organizations associated with contacts. For example, you can affiliate contacts with trade organizations (such as AGC) and government entities (such as inspectors), and you can easily add organizations on-the-fly within the context of editing a given contact. The Other Organization list might also include architects and people who serve as contacts for jobs through affiliation with owners or subcontractors (but who do not have a direct financial A/R or A/P relationship).

Other Organizations are global (that is, shared among all companies), and as such they cannot be associated with just one company.

  • Click the Status button to display organizations based on their status.
  • Type a partial entry in the Search field and click the Go button to look up an open item by organization name, address, or other organization information.
  • When you Delete an organization, the contacts associated with that organization code will remain in the database, except that their organization list will no longer list the deleted entry. Phone and address records will not be purged from the system since these records may be shared by other contacts.