Period End Overview and Checklists

This section provides checklists detailing procedures to be performed at the end of every period. These checklists give detail for each module's period end and may be duplicated for use within the company or may serve as a draft for developing internal procedures to be done each period end. Checklists are presented in alphabetic order by module, with the exception that General Ledger is listed last since any period end processing should conclude with G/L.

As a general rule, the following period end procedures provide the same pattern for each module:

  • Set the processing date within the module
  • Perform all necessary updates
  • Balance
  • Print and retain pertinent reports
  • Adjust processing dates to reflect the new period
  • Fiscal year-end

Module Checklists

Printable collection of Month End and Year End checklists

Printable Year End checklist