Inventory Control Month-End Processing

Confirm the Processing Date is set for the month you are closing.

Month-end date: __________________________

Transaction cut-off date: ____________________

Responsible person: _______________________

Date reconciled: __________________________

Confirm the Processing Date is set for the closing month.


Confirm the following daily processes are completed:

  • PO Pack List and Invoice Receiving for the month is complete.
  • Inventory Update – Confirm all Inventory transactions have been updated to both Inventory and General Ledger. Inventory > Data Entry > Inventory Update

Print and Retain Reports

  • Items on Hand Valuation – This is a date sensitive report and should be run monthly.
  • Items Activity Report – This report should be run at the end of the year before clearing the Year-to-date totals per the process below.

Clear Month to Date

  • Period End > Month/Year End Processing – Check the Month-to-date selection under Period Type. The Period End Clear resets month-to-date and year-to-date totals in the Inventory Items > Financial page.
    Note: At the end of the year, do a Year-to-date clear which will also clear out the month-to-date totals.

Change Processing Dates

  • Change the processing dates to reflect the new period using Processing Date.