Payroll Month-End Processing

Confirm the Processing Date is set for the month you are closing.

Month-end date: __________________________

Transaction cut-off date: ____________________

Responsible person: _______________________

Date reconciled: __________________________

A payroll period is over after the last check for the month is printed and before the first check is issued for the next month. Always use the check date, not the pay period end date, in determining the end of the period.


Confirm the following daily processes are completed:

  • Payroll > Data Entry > Payment Processing - Confirm the last payroll is completed. The Update Payroll or Set New Cycle should be checked.


  • Payroll > Period End > Trial Balance – Print the PR Trial Balance for 'Exceptions only'. Ensure the report is blank, meaning there are no exceptions.
  • Payroll > Period End > History Trial Balance – Print the History Trial Balance for 'Exceptions only'. Ensure the report is blank, meaning there are no exceptions.

Month End Accounting Reports to Retain

Because most of these reports are printed each week, it is recommended that you retain a soft copy of the following reports on a monthly basis:

  • P/R G/L Distribution Report
  • Earnings History Report
  • State Tax History Report
  • Time Card History Report
  • Voluntary Deduction History Report
  • Payroll Register
  • Certified Payroll
  • OCIP Reports
  • Workers Compensation Rate Per $100
  • Quarterly Federal Tax
  • Unemployment Tax
  • Employment Utilization Report
  • New Hire/Terminated Report - Crystal version
  • Period End > Employee Change Log – Do a monthly run to have a copy of the changes to EE's file – does not show deductions.

Clear Month to Date

  • Period End > Period End Clear – Check the Month-to-Date selection under Period Type. The Period End Clear resets month-to-date and quarter-to-date amounts for deductions. This is critical for deductions with monthly maximums.
    Note: At the end of the quarter, do a Quarter Clear.

Change Processing Dates

  • System Administration > Change Processing Dates - Change the processing dates to reflect the new period.