Human Resources Management

Use Onboarding to create electronic workflows for your onboarding processes.


Invite new hires to complete onboarding tasks, and track each step in the hiring process with integrated, paperless workflows.

After they receive an onboarding invitation, new hires complete their personal information and any standard HR forms (such as Form I-9 or Form W-4) or custom tasks that you have created (such as safety forms or new hire certifications). When all onboarding forms have been completed, an authorized HR specialist can send new hire information to Spectrum with the click of a button.

To get started:

  • Add Onboarding users: A Trimble Construction One system administrator must add Onboarding users at the enterprise level. Onboarding users can have an HR administrator or HR specialist role.
  • Configure Hiring Setup options: An HR administrator starts by creating profile groups and assigning permissions to HR specialists.

To learn more about Onboarding, visit the Getting Started with Onboarding page.