Spectrum modules

Most of the Spectrum modules can be grouped into three categories: Reporting, Front-end, and Posting modules.

Reporting modules are used for reporting purposes only. No transactions of any kind are created in these modules. Reporting modules include:

  • Confidential Payroll

  • Project Management

  • Resource Scheduling

    Front-end modules are used to create data that is transferred to and posted from other modules. Front-end modules include:

  • Project Setup

  • Human Resources

  • Employee Kiosk

  • Info-Link

  • Materials Management (posts through A/R)

  • Equipment Tracking (posts through E/C and I/C)

  • Preventive Maintenance (posts through I/C)

  • Work Order (posts through A/R and PR)

  • Service Contract (posts through A/R)

  • Time + Materials (posts through A/R)

  • Order Processing (posts through A/R and I/C)

  • Purchase Order (posts through A/P and I/C)

    Posting modules are used to post directly to the General Ledger. Transactions are created in or transferred to these modules from the front-end modules. Posting modules include:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Job Cost

  • Payroll

  • Cash Management

  • Equipment Control

  • Inventory Control

  • Fixed Assets

  • Order Processing