Create a Custom Report Using the Copy Feature

Follow these steps to create a custom report based on an existing Spectrum report.These instructions include steps on how to customize the report in Crystal Reports software.

  1. Open the report starting screen for the report you want to generate.
  2. Click the My Reports button.
  3. In the My Reports window, click the Setup button.
  4. In the My Reports Maintenance window, click the Copy button.
  5. A copy of the existing report displays at the top of the list in the Copy Report window. Select this report and click OK.
  6. In the New Report window, type a new description for the report, write down the file name (this will always begin with an "X"), change the security setting if needed, and click OK.
  7. In the My Reports Maintenance window, select the new report, and then click the Download To Modify button. This button allows you to download a copy of the current report, amend it, and then use "Save As" to save a copy of the new report to your workstation. Then you can use the Upload button from the New Report window to import the report to the report directory.
  8. At your workstation, open Crystal Reports.
  9. Open the report file using Crystal Reports, and make the desired changes to the report.
  10. Save your changes and close the report.Your new report will now display in the My Reports list every time you open the window from this report screen.