Customize Reports with Your Company Logo File

A list of the Spectrum reports that allow you to include your company logo in the report header.

If you would like to include your company logo on your Crystal Reports, enter the image file name in the Company Installation > Print Options tab. Multi-company users can specify the company logo image file that will display on all customer forms that reference this file.

ModuleLocationFunction Name
Accounts ReceivableReports > Statements ARSTMT2.RPT, ARSTMT1.RPT
Accounts ReceivableData Entry > Customer InvoicesARRET.RPT, ARINV2.RPT,ARINV.RPT,ARWO.RPT
Accounts ReceivableData Entry > Change RequestsARCRP3.RPT
Order ProcessingData Entry > Invoices > PrintOPINV.RPT,OPINV.RPT
Order ProcessingData Entry > Orders > Picking > Pack ListOEPACKING.RPT
Order ProcessingData Entry > Orders > Picking > Pick SheetOPPICK.RPT
Order ProcessingData Entry > Orders > Sales PrintOESALESFORM.RPT
Order ProcessingData Entry > Quotes > PrintOPQUOTE2.RPT,OPQUOTE1.RPT
Purchase OrderData Entry > Purchase Order Entry > PrintPO3.RPT, PO2.RPT, PO1.RPT, PO.RPT
Purchase OrderData Entry > Proposed P.O. Entry > PrintPOPROP.RPT
Preventive MaintenanceData Entry > Equipment Work Order Entry > FormsPMEWOF.RPT
Project ManagementData Entry > HTML Forms > Correspondence, Daily Log, Issue, Meeting, Meeting Item, Memorandum, RFI, RFP, Submittal, Submittal Package, Transmittal
Service ContractMaintenance > Service Contract > PrintSCCONPRINT.RPT
Service ContractData Entry > Proposed Contract Management > PrintSCPROPPRINT.RPT
Work OrderData Entry > Work Order EntryWOPRINT.RPT
Work OrderData Entry > Finished Work Order FormWOCPRINT.RPT