E-mailing Reports

Follow these steps to email reports.

Important: Before you can email reports directly from the Spectrum preview window, you must set up user email credentials and system default credentials in the System Administration > Security > E-mail Servers screen. More information is available in the Spectrum Security Manual.
  1. After clicking the Preview button and generating a Spectrum report, a tab with Download and E-Mail buttons displays.
  2. Click the E-Mail button. A message window displays with the report file(s) attached and the 'From' field already completed (defaults from the e-mail address defined in the Operator Maintenance screen). The number of attached files also displays.
  3. Complete the 'To' e-mail address field, the Subject line, and enter a message (up to 2000 characters are allowed).
  4. Click Save. You will receive confirmation that the message was sent successfully.