Adding a New Report to My Reports

Follow these steps to add a customized report to the My Reports window.

  1. Open the report starting screen for the report you want to generate.
  2. Click My Reports, and in the My Reports window, click Setup.
  3. In the My Reports Maintenance window, click New.
  4. In the New Report window, type a description for the report, type the file name and extension, enter a security setting, and click OK.
    • If the report name entered was a standard Spectrum report, the software displays a message that the file cannot be uploaded because it is an existing Spectrum report.
    • If the report already exists in the report folder, and is not the name of the standard report, the software displays a message letting you know that the file already exists but can be overwritten.
    • If the report does not exist in the report folder, the software displays a warning indicating that the report does not exist and needs to be uploaded to the folder. See Uploading a New Report to the My Reports Window.

    Your new report will now display in the My Reports list every time you open the window from this report screen.

    In the My Reports Maintenance window, the Download to Modify button allows you to download a copy of the current report, make changes, and then use Save As to save a copy of the report to your own workstation. You can then use the Upload button (on the New Report window) to import the report to the report directory.