Printing FAQs

Which version of Crystal Reports will v14 support?

Crystal Reports® XI Professional and Crystal Reports 2011 Professional

If you are using Crystal Reports 2013 or 2016, the basic features are backward compatible with Spectrum. If you are utilizing new features specific to these versions, these can be used outside of Spectrum.

How is printing handled in the browser?

Reports will first be previewed and then printed out as desired. The report will preview in PDF format.

Version 14 is a "zero footprint" application. This means that we are not loading any software on your computer. In prior versions, the reports had to be loaded onto your workstation to print directly. Now that we aren't doing this, we only print via the Preview window.

I have created my own Crystal Reports. Will they work in the new version?

Yes, with the following exceptions. Version 14 continues to use Crystal Reports. This means that for the most part, your reports should still run just fine.

There is a chance that the report may need to be updated due to enhancements in the database similar to upgrading between versions in the past (like v12 to v13). In this case, you will want to modify your report to accommodate these changes.

As with all major upgrades though, you will want to test your reports and make any changes and updates as necessary.

How do I know which tables have been changed?

Table changes will be outlined in the last section of the Version 14 Release Notes.

What are "Saved Selections?"

This is the ability to save or store your report start screen settings. In earlier versions, these were called "Report Filters."

Where did the Report Filters go?

Report Filters have been renamed to "Saved Selections" and are available on the Reporting Info Bar.

Is it possible to set up default templates for all of my users?

Yes. Starting in version 14, Administrators can assign a default template for each user in Spectrum.

What is the recommended PDF viewer?

Adobe Acrobat is the recommended PDF viewer for Spectrum reports. Acrobat Reader is available as a free download. Use the following procedure to set up Acrobat as the default PDF viewer in Firefox.

What are the recommended printer interface settings?

The Printer Interface settings vary depending on your workstation settings. More information can be found here.