Single Sign-On

Trimble Construction One provides single sign-on (SSO) access to Spectrum, HR Management for Spectrum, Team, Viewpoint Analytics, and Service Tech Mobile.

SSO allows improved user efficiency by being able to move quickly between multiple Viewpoint applications and services, and reduces IT burden and costs by streamlining user management. As more applications are released on the Trimble Construction One platform, they will also use SSO for user authentication.

Trimble Construction One SSO can be connected to Azure Active Directory to further enhance network security, user experience and provide multi-factor authentication.

SSO is available to hosted customers only. To use SSO you first need to verify that your Spectrum installation is connected to Trimble Construction One. Go to System Administration > Installation > System and look for the Trimble Construction One section. If you are connected you will have an Enterprise ID. If you don't have an enterprise ID, submit a customer support case requesting to get you set up for Trimble Construction One SSO.

To use Trimble Construction One SSO you will need to migrate your current Spectrum Operators to Trimble Construction One.

  • Operator Maintenance. The Operator Maintenance screen has a column that indicates users' migration status to Trimble Construction One. Operators must have a unique email address before they can be migrated to Trimble Construction One. All users will be created in Trimble Construction One with the lowest security level, but Enterprise Administrators can add extra security as they see fit. Once users are migrated to Trimble Construction One they will receive an email invitation to complete their registration.

For details, see Operator Maintenance.

Note: If you require a test environment to test both Team and Spectrum, we recommend that you work with Viewpoint to create a test Team enterprise to work with your test Spectrum database. In order to prevent conflicts between the two environments, you must set up new users with unique email addresses in the test environments for testing purposes.