Spectrum Interface FAQs

Find answers to common questions about the Spectrum interface.


What is the Workspace?
This is the area on the screen between the Info Bar and the Navigation Bar.
How do I change modes in v14?
Data entry is now "mode-less", meaning that there is no need to manually switch between Add mode, Change mode and so on. The software will figure out the mode for you.
What does "Pop out to Browser Tab" mean?
This is the ability to view a report or Document Image in a separate Browser Tab. Once in a new Browser Tab, you can use your mouse and drag it to another monitor, giving you the ability to view Spectrum and the item side by side.


What is the Command Bar used for?
The Command Bar holds all key functions with the typical action highlighted in green. As you move through a screen, the options on the Command Bar will change showing only the key actions.
Where is the Command Bar located on the screen?
The Command Bar is the gray bar near the top of the screen.
Why are there only a few options on the Command Bar?
For ease of use, the Command Bar holds only primary or key functions. All secondary options will appear as Action Buttons.
How does the Search Bar work?
Enter your search words and press <Enter> or click Go.

This is a partial search feature meaning that you only have to enter a few key words to perform the search. To see a complete list of fields that the Search Bar reviews press F4 or click the drop-down arrow at the end of the Search field.

This functionality is also available in Search Windows.

What is the Slider Bar and where is it located on the screen?
The Slider Bar is a window pane that provides additional information. Scanned images and maps will appear in the slider bar

It is located on the right hand side of the Workspace.

How do I open or close the Slider Bar?
Click the arrow on the Slider Bar to open or close.
What does "Split" mean?
This is the ability to divide your screen into two or more panes. For example, when reviewing a job 100, you can split the screen so you can also view job 200 at the same time.

Use the Restore option to remove the split screen. (Right-click on the Spectrum Tab and select "Restore".)

How can I split my screen?
Right-click (or secondary mouse button) on the Spectrum Tab and select "Split."
Note: When using split screen, some functionality may be hindered, including use of the Image Pane and Info Bar links.
How can I remove the split screen?
Use the Restore option to remove the split screen. (Right-click on the Spectrum Tab and select "Restore".)
What is the Spectrum Toolbar?
The Spectrum Toolbar displays on all screens throughout the system. Use it to quickly change companies, access Help, manage preferences and sign out.


What does the Switch option do?
Click the Switch option to open a different record without having to leave the existing screen.
What does the Status Button do?
Displays the current filter setting and allows you to change the type of records that display. Statuses include active, inactive, not used, retired or complete.

For example, the Status Button can be used to display active, inactive and complete jobs.

What are Action Buttons?
These control activity performed in Grids and list boxes. You will be offered different Action Button options depending which screen you are on.

For example, these are used to perform additional tasks such as editing or deleting a record.


Why doesn't F1 bring up Spectrum Help?
The F1 key will bring up your web browser's Help File. Click the Help link in the upper right hand corner of the screen for Spectrum Help.
Can I change the order of fields within data entry screens?
No, though certain screens will allow you to skip sections of the screen.
What's the difference between the checkmark on the screen title versus the one found on the Spectrum tab?
The screen title's checkmark closes the screen.

Option will be available until information is entered or changed. As no modifications have occurred, there is no need to save before leaving the screen.

The Spectrum Tab's "x" escapes and closes the tab.

Changes will not be saved before the tab is closed.

What does the 'Remember Me' feature do?
A "Remember Me" checkbox has been added to the Spectrum login page so that a user can request to be "remembered" in subsequent visits to the Spectrum login page. The "Remember Me" checkbox will appear only for users for whom the option is enabled in Operator Maintenance.

Monitor Resolution

What is the recommended resolution for Spectrum v14?
The recommended resolution is 1280 x 1024 or larger.
How can I optimize Spectrum for viewing on smaller monitors or iPads?
The minimum resolution for Spectrum v14 is the same as the resolution for an iPad (1027 x 768 with both the Navigation Bar and Info Bar closed). If necessary, you can shrink the resolution to 90%. The recommended resolution is 1280 x 1024 or larger.
How can I resize the Spectrum font?
Because Spectrum v14 runs in a browser, you can use the standard keyboard controls (Ctrl + and Ctrl -) to resize the font on your browser. Use Ctrl 0 to reset the browser to the default font size.