Several Spectrum screens include tree grid functionality that allows you to group the information in a variety of ways and then lets you expand a section as needed. You can also use your mouse to move, resize and resort columns, and you can expand grid items.

Using the 'Group Selector' feature

Each tree grid screen has standard groupings built in. Click the drop-down arrow on the Grouping Selector to choose a different format. Once selected, the screen will redisplay the information using this 'Group by' format.

Using the Group Bar feature

The Grouping Bar can be used to create additional formats. To create a new one, drag the column title onto the Grouping Bar. To create a subset of the first group, drag another column title after the first one.

Expanding Tree Items

Click on an item in the tree grid to expand it and view any related details in the lower portion of the screen.

Grid Icons

On the bottom of the grid is a series of icons that allow you to print, export, and more.



Click the Printing icon and you are first prompted to select which columns to include. Click OK and the report will preview to the screen.

Click the Excel icon to export the grid, using its group by format, to your spreadsheet program. This exports whatever information you see on the screen, so if there were columns that weren't needed, use the Tablet icon to remove them.
Note: There is a 100,000 row limit for Excel exports from the tree grid. If you attempt to export more rows than this, you will get a warning message that the maximum row count has been exceeded.

Click the Tablet icon to hide columns that aren't needed in the display, the export, or when printing.

Click the Expand and Collapse icons to expand or collapse all the rows in the grid simultaneously.

Saved Selections

After you have configured the screen to your liking, be sure to use Saved Selections to store this format for future use. Saved Selections.