Image Pane or Slider Bar

View record attachments and images in the Image Pane, also known as the Slider Bar.

The Image Pane is available throughout Spectrum, wherever you might expect to attach or view image files. In order for the Image Pane to work properly, the Cabinet and Drawer must be set up with a Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) type path. If no override path is stored on the Cabinet or Drawer, the path found in Document Imaging Installation - Properties will be used.

  • The Slider Bar can be expanded or collapsed as needed, and if you resize the pane, the size will be saved and used as the defaults the next time it is opened in any screen.
  • The Slider Bar Icons that are available (including annotations and screen manipulation options) depend on your operator settings as defined in the Document Imaging Installation - Security tab. To see what each icon does, simply hover your mouse over the icon and read the pop-up text.
  • A button on the Thumbnail viewer allows you to expand or collapse the thumbnails. You can also click on any thumbnail screen to display it in the main viewer.
  • Simultaneous uploads are limited to five files at a time.
  • Designate certain image files as 'Private' in order to prevent them from being sent to customers (for example, files for Internal Use Only).
  • Users without level 3 security access cannot delete or reorder pages in multi-page documents.

Watch a video about the Slider bar