Batch Scanning

For users with Document Imaging, batch scanning is available from any Spectrum screen that supports images.

Batch scanning allows you to create a batch in the Document Imaging > Batch Documents screen by attaching a .pdf or .tif file to the record and assigning it to the operator. After you have created a batch, follow the steps below to associate image files with a transaction such as a vendor invoice.
  1. Open a transaction in Spectrum (for example, Vendor Invoices). The Slider Bar will be enabled with the current transaction in context.
  2. In the Slider Bar, click the Batch button. The Batch Documents window displays a list of the batches currently assigned to your operator, provided you have the appropriate security, as shown here.
    Note: Batch Documents are sorted by change date, with the oldest batch first.
  3. Select a batch and click OK. The batch images will display in a tab in the Slider Bar.
  4. In the thumbnail viewer, press Ctrl + click to select the batch pages you want to move to the transaction, as shown here, then click the green "Move to Transaction" button.
    Tip: You can delete the selected thumbnail images by right-clicking and selecting 'Delete' from the drop-down menu.
    Note: Be aware that once you move a batch page, you cannot insert or delete pages from the existing batch. If you need to insert or delete a page, you my restore ALL use pages and perform the insertion or deletion before moving any pages.
  5. After the batch has been moved, the pages will display in the transaction.
    Tip: Click the View Batch/Transaction button to toggle between the batch and pages added to the transaction.