Thumbnail Viewer Options

Learn about the Thumbnail Viewer options.

When the Slider Bar is open and a file has been scanned or attached, these files display in the Thumbnail Viewer. Images in the Thumbnail Viewer may be reorganized, copied, hidden, and more by using a convenient left-click menu.
  1. Click on a thumbnail image.
  2. Left-click to display a list of menu options.
  3. Select an action and follow any prompts.

    Hide Page removes the thumbnail from the batch. Unlike Delete, it can be undone once pages have been moved off the batch. Once Hide Page is used, you must restore the batch if you want to use the Copy and Insert features. When you restore the batch, the image remains attached (nothing is undone).

    Deleting a thumbnail removes it from the batch. This feature cannot be used once pages have been moved off of the batch. In this case, you must first restore the batch back to its original state and then delete the desired page.