Navigation FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Spectrum navigation.

What is the Navigation Bar and where is it located?
The Navigation Bar contains your Favorites and Menu apps, such as Personal Menus. While it is available on every screen, you have the option to collapse it when it is not needed.
  • Depending on your Preferences, it is located on the right or left side of the screen.
  • You can add links to your Favorites list from the Site Map or by clicking the Edit option and using the Menu Builder screen. Favorites will always display expanded by default.
  • Menu apps can contain a list of menu links that are either good for one operator or published to multiple users.
Can I collapse the Navigation Bar until I need it?
Yes. Use Preferences to always collapse the Navigation Bar, relocate the Info Bars, and more.
Where is the menu system? Is it gone?
The menu system is still available by clicking on the "+" at the end of your Spectrum Tabs. By the way, we have renamed the menu to Site Map.
I am more of a keyboard person. It looks like I have to use my mouse to navigate around the software. Is that correct?
There are keyboard equivalent options that you can use instead of reaching for your mouse. For example, to add a new record you can press <Alt>+N instead of clicking the New button with your mouse.
Is there a list of standard keyboard shortcuts?


Create New <Alt>+N

Edit Record <Alt>+I

Insert Row <Alt>+S

Switch <Alt>+W

Preview <Alt>+P

Export <Alt>+X

My Reports <Alt>+M

What function keys can I use?

They are as follows:

Save F3

Search Window F4

Cancel <ESC>

What is the difference between a Spectrum Tab and a Browser Tab?
A Browser Tab opens is a new web screen. A Spectrum Tab opens a new screen containing Spectrum information. You can open as many Spectrum Tabs as you need.