Custom Menus

The Site Map Customization feature is available on the Spectrum Security menu, so you must have the appropriate permissions to access this feature.

Custom menus allow you to customize the Spectrum Site Map by extending any menu to include additional functions, such as:

  • Links to external websites – such as Venture or Sharepoint, for integration
  • Custom functions – provide access to custom functions created by Viewpoint's Special Projects Group
  • Menus – add submenus to any location (for example, to group similar functions)
  • Crystal Reports – place any crystal report on the menu, and when selected the report will generate automatically
  • File Download – place any file on the menu and it will be downloaded when clicked on
  • E-mail – enter a default recipient so that when clicked on the default e-mail client will open to send an e-mail to that person

More information on Custom Menus can be found in the v14 Spectrum Security Guide.