Build a Menu

  1. Log in to Spectrum.
    The Dashboard and Navigation Bar display.
  2. In the Navigation Bar, click the Edit button to open the Menu Builder screen.
  3. Perform one of three actions:
    1. Click the Add Menu icon to create a personal menu that will display on the Navigation Bar.
    2. Click the Add Public Menu icon to add a pre-defined menu to the Navigation Bar.
    3. Click on a Spectrum menu function to have it display in your Favorites list.
  4. Spectrum functions are selected from the left pane. Select to Show All (default), show Menus, or show Functions, and then navigate to select the specific functions you want to include in your personal menu or bookmark as a Favorite.
  5. Drag a function from the left pane to any location on the 'canvas'. Functions can be rearranged on the canvas by simply dragging and dropping them to different locations.
  6. Click Save to exit the Menu Builder screen and see your new menus display on the bottom of the Navigation Bar. Favorites display nearer the top of the Navigation Bar.
  7. Return to the Menu Builder screen any time you want to rearrange your menu lists or delete. To delete a function link, or an entire menu, simply select it and drag it to the Delete icon (trash can) above the canvas. menu items.

If you wish to share menus with other operators, you must create a profile that is associated with the menus using the Menus button in the Profile Maintenance screen. Next, assign the profile to other operators in the Operator Maintenance screen. See the Spectrum Security Manual for details.