Date Calculator

This window displays when you click the date calculator icon in select report screens. The options available in the Date Calculator window vary depending the type of date required for the current field (for example, fiscal versus annual calendar).

If you select a date calculator and then click Save Current, the date calculation will be saved as part of the report settings.

Calculation method

After selecting the applicable date parameter for the report the options that display are based on the fiscal calendar or the annual calendar.

Note: If you select Current processing date and save that date calculation as part of a report filter, the "current date" will be the date the filter was created. For example, if you create the filter on 3/1 and then use the filter on 3/30, the current processing date will still be 3/1.If fewer than 12 periods / 4 quarters comprise your fiscal calendar, then the end date of the current quarter is the last period that does exist in the calendar.

Current processing date

The current processing date displays. No entry is allowed.

Offset number of days

Enter the number of days to offset the calculation process. This field is enabled only if the Fixed number of days offset option is selected in the Date Calculator section of this window.

  • To process information as of a prior date, enter a negative number. For example, enter –365 to calculate information from over the past year.
  • To process information as of a future date, enter a positive number. For example, enter 14 to calculate information as of two weeks from the current processing date.

Calculated date

The date from which the report will calculate displays. This date is based on the option selected in the Date Calculator section of this window. No entry is allowed.